The rise of staking nodes and bitcoin as a new banking infrastructure

It’s no longer debatable: taxis have been nearly destroyed by Uber; hotels are being cannibalized by Airbnb and YouTube and Netflix have become more popular than cable TV. Which begs the question: Will financial institutions share the same…

An overview of The Blockstack Network: mining, delegating and stacking Stacks; receiving bitcoin as a reward; providing stacks pooling services and how you can get involved.

Proof of Transfer (PoX) – the game changing blockchain protocol

Stacks introduces a new consensus blockchain protocol called Proof of Transfer (PoX). This protocol…

As FinTech Recruiters, we’re often contacted by Financial Services professionals who are interested in learning more about FinTech and the career opportunities in the space.

These highly skilled Finance professionals are facing a similar predicament to their blue-collar counterparts of the late 70s and 80s: they’re being replaced by automation…

Fintech Recruiters

Fintech headhunters; opportunity brokers; global citizens;disruptive technology enthusiasts; Toronto-New York-San Fran-London-Barcelona-Hong Kong-Singapore.

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